Message from Professor

Good morning all!

I wanted to give you a month in review.

Last month we have seen several new students joining our 360 family. We would like to welcome you to the family! We are excited to have you and look forward to guiding you along your journey.

With the growth we’ve seen some issues finding parking spots. We are working to provide more parking for everyone. Thank you for your patience.

The 27th our team competed at the AGF winter classic and I couldn’t be more proud. We took 13 competitors(kids, teens & adults)that walked away with 7 gold, 4 silver, & 2 bronze. Besides the medals, everyone fought smart and methodically. It was inspiring to see all the things we’ve practiced in to action. Congratulations to all the kids- Josh, Josie, Hollyce, Isaiah, Derrin, Savannah & Amari. The teens- Jaiden, Isaiah & Gray. The adults- Jamie, Cory & Yousef. We are so proud of you for representing yourselves like true martial artists out there.

I would also like to congratulate the following students on earning new belts last month. Gray earned his green belt. Cory earned his blue belt and Zana earned her purple belt. You all have worked very hard and have been dedicated to your progression in Jiu Jitsu. You’ve definitely earned it.

I look forward to seeing you all on the mat for another exciting month!

-Professor Gray

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