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Kids Jiu Jitsu

After School Program

Our after school program will help your child(ren) build confidence, coordination & character. We pick up from several Elementary Schools.


Bully Defense Against Bullying in Schools

Our Bully Defense Program is a holistic educational class designed to examine the struggles kids may be facing at school or their daily life, as well as provide methods to prevent, deescalate and end forms of bullying.

Self Defense for Kids

Jiu Jitsu Summer Camp in Grand Prairie, TX

Your kids achieved so much during the school year. Keep their progress going with our Jiu Jitsu Summer Camp that includes a daily curriculum designed for mental, language, and social development.

Our students call 360 their “favorite place to be”

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“Everyone has this close bond, and the place is very welcoming. Instructor Casey Gray is as good as they come. His knowledge of jiu-jitsu has changed my life for the better. Great instruction and training. Whether you’re competing, or maybe using it as self-defense, exercise or just have a passion for martial arts in general. This place is truly for everybody, doesn't matter if you have experience.”

  • Ryan-b
    Ryan B.

“This is my favorite place to be, aside from home. I truly love the people at 360. Thank you for the welcoming, wonderful environment!”

  • christy-b
    Christy B.

“I can't imagine anywhere else where my son would get anywhere near the level of attention and instruction he has received here. There are multiple coaches available to teach during any given class. Not only do the kids learn moves that are useful in real-world situations—not flashy Hollywood-style nonsense—but they also learn some of the more important values necessary to grow into healthy adults: teamwork, respect, dedication, hard work, etc.”

  • jason-d
    Jason D.
Head Instructor

Hayden Duff


Nicole Gray


Eddie Villanueva


360 Jiu Jitsu in action!