Jiu Jitsu Classes for Adults

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Wherever you are in your training, there’s a class for you

Level 1

Adult Fundamentals

Hitting the mats for the first time? We got you covered. This class is your crash course in BJJ, where you’ll build strength, balance, and conditioning as well as basic movements and techniques necessary to continue on to the all levels class.  

Level 2

Adult All Levels

Students of all rank, from white belt on up, train together in this class. You’ll start to build a variety of takedowns, sweeps, submissions, and defenses so you feel ready to join the advanced Jiu Jitsu classes for adults.

Level 3

Adult Advanced

Each day is a new challenge: The advanced class will have longer and more rounds of grappling. You’ll explore self-defense, competition strategies, and advanced techniques inspired by the greatest BJJ practitioners in the world.

Why you should train with us

“I come from a background of martial arts and the coaches earned my respect from day one. I think that the thing that catches my attention the most is how friendly, patient and professional the instructors are. They are awesome! I can easily recommend this gym to anyone who wants to learn jiu-jitsu and is up to do it with respect on the mat and in a friendly environment.”

  • eder-g
    Eder G.

“I’ve been going for almost two months and the entire experience has truly been awesome! The coaches really go out of their way to make sure that you’re able to get as much as possible out of each session. All of the training partners are great to work with and help each other out as well. I’m in a lot better shape than I was two months ago and I’ve been able to learn a new skill at the same time!”

  • albert-j
    Albert J.
Head Instructor

Nicole Gray


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