Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes

Martial Arts for Kids – 4 levels

All the space they need to grow

Level 1

Kids 6-9
Thinking about getting your kids into martial arts? Kids level 1 Jiu Jitsu is what you’re looking for. Here, they’ll build valuable motor skills, balance, and coordination—all while practicing good citizenship. We will guide your child from beginner to a confident young martial artist.

Level 2

Kids 10-13
If your child is between the ages of 10-13 this is class for you. Whether you want your child to build confidence, learn self-defense or become more active, we will guide your child from beginner to a confident young martial artist.

Why you should trust us with your kids

“My almost 11-year-old son has been training here for 2.5 years…The coaches truly care about the children and work amazingly well with them. They treat the students as individuals and take the time to get to know their unique traits and when needed, the coaches do not shy away from redirecting kids’ behavior as is sometimes necessary to keep them on track.”

  • Linda-s
    Linda S.

“There is tremendous camaraderie not only among the kids who participate but also among the parents who observe. I have made quite a few friends among the adults and have discovered a new, competitive sport I really enjoy watching.”

  • jason-d
    Jason D.
Head Instructor

Hayden Duff


Nicole Gray


Eddie Villanueva


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Our Self-Defense Program is an educational class designed to examine the struggles kids may be facing at school or their daily life, as well as provide methods to prevent, deescalate and end forms of bullying.

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