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Krystal Ojeda
via Google

Our son loves Coach Gray, Coach AJ and Coach Jude. We’ve been going for almost 2 years. Would highly recommend and encourage for all ages to join.

Peter Hernandez
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Coach Gray and Coach Nikki really care about their students. They teach the importance of being balanced both physically and mentally. I truly enjoy the lessons they provide about defense, good sportsmanship, and being respectful and responsible. All the coaches welcome all and have much to share. Great job!

Juliana Quezada
via Google

Love this place, love the coaches. They not only focus on the physical aspects but also on character virtues. Really awesome wholestic approach. Highly recommend for children of all ages.

Everett Alpha
via Google

360 jiu-jitsu has the best teachers in the world that taught me everything coach gray and coach griffin they are my jiu-jitsu family 🫡🥋.

Fernando Ramirez
via Google

Family is the word used by Professor Gray(he refers to himself as Coach Gray because he’s humble like that)who owns and runs 360 JiuJitsu to describe the culture there. If you want to hop on the mats at 360, he asks that you are cognitive that it’s FAMILY there. Gotta love that as a newcomer ya know? I did. He’s learned JiuJitsu AND Wrestling from some of the BEST to have ever done or taught it. Coach Eddie Villanueva is hidden gem in a place like 360. His ability to SEE my teenagers JiuJitsu and just tweak and advise him with his experience and knowledge as a Black Belt 🥋 has been pretty phenomenal to be straightforward. Professor Gray, Coach Eddie and a few other Black Belt’s regularly/consistently are ON THE MAT’s w students rolling and teaching. Kid, Teenager, Adults of all ages train HARD & CONSISTENTLY here. All levels. You’ll find a training partner here to suit your needs no matter your goals, without a doubt. Same faces, regulars, and a newbie every once and a while…..but I can see everyone getting better….literally. Do yourself a favor if you’re in Grand Prairie/South Arlington area and go visit Professor Gray at 360 and just have a convo w him. Ya won’t regret it.

Michael Diaz
via Google

Excellent staff and environment. Great Kids and Adult programs. Highly recommend.

Dillon Koen
via Google

Fantastic academy to train!!!

Sally Alvarenga
via Google

Great gym with great people that care about your personal journey and goals! I’ve been training here consistently for almost a year now and I have loved the experience! Everyone is focused on growing and helping others be able to learn too. We have 5-6 black belts that regularly train with us and yet nobody is too big of a super star, that they aren’t approachable. There is a schedule of 2 weeks training in GI, then 2 weeks training without GI for continuity and all encompassing training.

Owner and Professor, Casey Gray, is so humble and always teaches with examples and recalls information from previous lessons to ensure that students are always conscious of multiple things while training. Techniques are pulled from various schools of thought and have been tested in action to ensure the teaching of the technique is details and effective. Great environment for women alike. The gym does participate in local competitions, but it’s optional based on the individual. Competition specific classes are held in preparation for each competition the gym will be represented at. Vast amount of wisdom inside this gym, and we love to have new people join us.

Jason Rojo
via Google

My daughter Emi just hit her 1yr anniversary with 360 Jiu Jitsu. She had no training before she started attending. I am very impressed with how much she's learned and how far she's come in 1 yr.
Not only has she learned very important techniques, but her confidence and self esteem has shot through the roof!
I cannot express how grateful I am for the hard work and dedication coaches Gray, Hayden, Nicki, and Katie show to not just my child, but every child and adult that walks through the doors to train. I couldn't ask for a better place for Emi to learn and train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Here's to many more years of her training! OSS!

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